Choosing Hope Over Bitterness

Today I’m trying something new on the blog.  Below is a video blog, or “vlog” that I recorded earlier today.  It’s something I figured I’d give a try.  Hope it encourages you.  🙂


Verse References from Video:

Ruth chapters 1-4

Hebrews 12:2

Romans 8:28

Romans 5:5


For more information on the book 5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit, by Nicki Koziarz click here.




About Natalie Nieves

I am a lover of Jesus. I am happily married and blessed with two beautiful children. My husband and I serve on the Pastoral Staff at a church located in New York City. I pray that God would fill you with unspeakable hope as you read my blog posts!
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7 Responses to Choosing Hope Over Bitterness

  1. Lillian Rios says:

    Thank you Natalie!!

  2. Miriam Santana says:

    Amen! Thank you Natalie, very encouraged.

  3. Arlene Camacho says:

    thank you for the encouragement!

  4. Evelyn says:

    Thank you Natalie, this was most uplifting and for reminding me to choose hope over bitterness. Ruth is my favorite book of the bible.

  5. Evelyn Maldonado says:

    Hi Natalie

    Don’t know if you received my comment, but this was great. This morning I got up feeling quite dejected and bitterness tends to be my default value. Thanks for the reminder that it is always better to choose hope over bitterness.



  6. Becky Holmes says:

    Wow Nat! I loved this video blog! You are so precious and so pure in heart! I love your spirit and the insights you pieced together from the story of Ruth! Keep up the good work!

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