An Exhausted Mama Finding Grace on a Sunday Morning


Sunday mornings can drain me.  There, I said it. Not quite something a pastor’s wife should say, I know. But, it’s the truth. On a normal Sunday, we rise up early to prepare for church. My husband leaves the house before I do, at about 7:20 A.M. to serve all day in God’s house. Once he’s gone, I’m typically rushing around trying to get our son and I ready to attend a service—not an easy feat when you have a toddler.

No matter how hard I try to prepare on Saturday evenings for the next day, it never seems to help.  I try to pick out our clothes, prep the diaper bag, etcetera, and yet, without fail, I’m still frantic come sun up.

Several times, I have asked myself: What’s the point?  My son is so little, why should I fuss to pack him up and lug him to church? I’m not exactly feeling peaceful and joyful. On the contrary, I feel stressed out and utterly exhausted, so why bother?

Thinking about all of this one day, I recalled a comment someone made at our baby shower.  We asked if anyone had “mommy words of wisdom” to share, and one of our precious friends began to speak about Hannah.  She unpacked the bible story we often hear.

Unable to bear children, Hannah cried out to God, and God blessed her with a son, whom she named Samuel.  Hannah made a vow to dedicate her little boy to God, and she settled that all the days of his life he would serve in God’s house.  Hannah remained true to her word.  After Samuel was weaned, Hannah took him to the temple to serve the Lord.

“Samuel ministered before the Lord, even as a child, wearing a linen ephod” (1 Sam. 2:18, NKJV). 

Not only did Samuel minister as a child, he wore priestly garments as he ministered.  The priests in those times wore linen ephods and robes.

The Bible tells us that Samuel’s mother, Hannah, “…used to make him a little robe” and she took the robe to Samuel “…year by year when she came up with her husband to offer the yearly sacrifice” (1 Sam. 2:18-19, NKJV).

Hannah diligently made the yearly trip to the temple to clothe Samuel in those priestly garments.  Her commute to the temple was not as easy as my twenty-minute commute to church.  Commentators believe the trip lasted two days for Hannah and her husband.

According to the Bible, Hannah was blessed with more children.  She had three sons and two daughters (1 Samuel 2:21).

Can you imagine what a two-day journey with five children was like?!

Just think—two days of travel.  No cars.  No diapers.  No wipes.  No teethers.  No formula.  No bottles.  No conveniently-packaged baby food.  No Veggie Tales.  No Sesame Street.  No Baby Einstein.  Crankiness and temper-tantrums; several pit-stops to nurse and feed hungry children.

Fatigue, and the sense of being overwhelmed, must have been inevitable.

And, yet, Hannah faithfully made a robe for Samuel, and took the two-day journey year after year.

Hannah set an example for mothers to clothe their children with priestly garments.

The beloved lady at our baby shower gave us this reminder.  She encouraged us to be intentional about clothing our son with godliness.

God knew I would need to bring that encouragement to memory during this season as a mom.

Do I want our son to grow up in the ways of the Lord?  ABSOLUTELY!

Then, like Hannah, I must push myself and make the journey to my modern day temple. I must push past being tired; push past the feeling of being rushed and overwhelmed.

As moms, we have to be intentional about making those trips to the “temple” and clothing our children with “priestly garments”—godliness; worship; praise; prayer.

Are you tired of the Sunday morning madness?  Trust me, I’m with you.  But, let’s ask God for the grace to push through!  We may just be outfitting our children for their calling.

“The Lord was with Samuel as he grew up…And all Israel…recognized that Samuel was attested as a prophet of the Lord” (1 Sam. 3:19-20, NIV).

May it be the same for our kiddies as we cover them with godliness.  May God be with them as they grow, and may the calling on their lives be evident to all who come in contact with them no matter what age they are!



About Natalie Nieves

I am a lover of Jesus. I am happily married and blessed with two beautiful children. My husband and I serve on the Pastoral Staff at a church located in New York City. I pray that God would fill you with unspeakable hope as you read my blog posts!
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